S2 E1: Promoting Public Trust, Part 1 – What is USPAP?

This is part one of a 12-part blog and podcast series on the appraiser’s professional standards of practice, called USPAP.  It’s our code of ethics.  Our list of rules and regulations.

When I took the update class in 2020, I got to thinking about that phrase to promote and maintain a high level of public trust.  And I just began wondering…does the public trust us?  If so, is it because of USPAP?  Or does the public not trust us; and if not, why not?  We have this enormous document that was created for the promotion and maintenance of the public’s trust in us.  Is it working?

Thus this series was born.

Show notes: https://riverfrontappraisals.com/promoting-public-trust-part-1-what-is-uspap/

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